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On this website I have made 2 menu items; Produkter and Produkter 2 (produkter meaning products), se above menus

Produkter is empty

Produkter 2 is a related link from the archive page. Is this the way to display an archive page correctly on a website? With a related / custom link from the archive page?
If so, if I want a top hero on this ”Produkter 2” page I need to make it on the archive page?

Can I style my ”Produkter 2” in another way?

Display of "Produkter 2" on desktop

2 questions here:

1.  The submenus on desktop does not display very pretty here, I can not find how I can style them the way I want

2. The heading ”Butik” is an archive heading. How do I edit this heading? ”Butik” means Shop in swedish, but in my case here I would like it to say ”All products” or ”Products”

Thank-you for helping me out here.
If I have been unclear or anything, please feel free to e-mail me